Participation and membership


  • Photographs are provided free to the Foundation; each published photograph will be identified by the name of its author.
  • Names of contributors will be mentioned at the beginning of each work.

Financial Investment         

  • Charitable receipts are issued for all financial contributions from individuals, businesses or organizations.


 The Foundation has four (4) categories of members:

  1. Active members
    Active members are the only ones with the right to vote at general meetings of the Foundation; they are entitled to receive notice of meetings of members, to attend these meetings and to vote.
  2. Subscribing members
    This category includes people or organizations that have made a financial contribution to the Foundation, except in cases where a member requests that a financial contribution remains anonymous.
  3. Associate members
    Associate members are individuals or organizations that work together or wish to work together on the Foundation's projects. Examples include: mushroom and plant identification, taking photos in the field, drafting or revision of texts, creation of illustrations, graphics, participation in promotional activities, participation in inventories, etc.
  4. Honorary members
    The board may at any time appoint, by resolution, an honorary member of the Foundation, any person who has rendered service to the Foundation through their work or donations or who has expressed support for the aims of the organization.

All categories of members have the right to receive newsletters from the Foundation, to get updates on the progress of work in which they participate and be informed of final results.