Who are we?

Fernand Miron, biologist, founder of Miron-Royer Inc. Foundation runs through the forests of Quebec from a young age to study the plants, insects, birds and fungi in their natural environment. Popularizer and author of numerous publications, Fernand Miron make available to all known scientific knowledge usually reserved for specialists.


Roger Larivière, biologist and retired professor of the College of Abitibi-Témiscamingue, continues his vocation of communicator and trainer by his numerous publications on natural sciences of the boreal forest and the communities that occupy this territory. Passionate speaker, he captivates his audience and convey to them the desire to know more and more.


Anita Royer, technician, worked for many years in the collection, cultivation and marketing of forest mushrooms. His unwavering support makes possible the realization of this ambitious project of popularization of scientific knowledge.